Knowledgebase On Credit

You have not missed a single payment and have worked hard to keep a clean credit report. But, it comes as a shock to you when you order one or more of your credit reports and discover some serious errors like:

Charged-off accounts, missed or late payments, collection accounts, bankruptcy, foreclosure or other items that are negative and are not yours.

Accounts listed as paid charge-off, settled, paid derogatory in spite of the fact that you paid on time and in full.

Accounts that were discharged in a bankruptcy but are still listed as unpaid in stead of discharged in bankruptcy.

The above mentioned errors in your report can lower your credit score and can affect negatively on your ability to get a new credit.

So, how do you get rid of these errors – The answer is simple! With a bit of knowledge about the laws that regulate the credit reporting industry and a lot of patience, you can repair your own credit. And the good news is that by doing so, you save hundreds and thousands of dollars in fees that you would have paid if you had taken help from the so called credit repair companies.

However, keep in mind, removing information from your credit report that is accurate is not a legal credit repair.

How helps you?

The gives you information on simple and effective steps to repair your credit. It offers practical advice and tips on how to dispute and fix credit report errors, negotiate with credit bureaus, build a good credit history, and more importantly on avoiding credit repair scams.